Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Sweetest Saddness

Today I took down my folding laundry doors and instead put up a curtain partition.  I could have replaced the doors but I kept hearing how crappy they were so....I saved $20 and bought nice curtains.  There is a point to this....I think.

Today I get a note home from Speech it says "Frankie seems preoccupied with talking about poopie, he didn't have a very productive session since that's all he wanted to talk about.  I took him to the bathroom but he never went".  Well, I say it was appropriate since he did stay home from school the day prior because of well......poop.  Apparently he is still having issues.  I hear bits and pieces but never the full story.  Its getting aggravating, I'm probably picking him up tomorrow.

So children are balancing on folding doors laying on my kitchen floor.  Baby girl has some amazing balance, she looks like a mini snowboarder rocking back and forth arms out staying still.  Frankie runs over from his trains and tries to hold baby girls hand....she protests, I tell him she doesn't want to hold hands.....

Ask him what he wants for dinner 5 seconds later, meltdown begins.  No English words come out, not even poopie.  I assume its a food issue, i tell him when he is quiet i will talk to him.  He screams and sobs....Lia looks on from her high chair happily eating chicken.  This goes on for 10 minutes and the child utters "hold hands".  I'm hugging him and he sobs, "Lia doesn't want to hold hands".  This was all about hand holding, not food for once. I let them hold hands while she ate......he then informed me that he too would like chicken (GASP!...he has been eating cereal or yogurt for dinner for weeks). 

He held hands and ate all his Chicken......then he looks at me and smiles "I'm so proud of you"

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