Monday, January 9, 2012

Disney on Ice!

While the Lion King is my sons favorite Disney Movie, I am pretty sure that the Little Mermaid Dance Number was his favorite of the night....well probably for both kids.

I saw someone write- Ice + Princess  x Bubbles = Toddler Euphoria

Lol its probably true.

I have to say first that I wouldn't normally try to bring Frankie to these things alone.  I am Super blessed with a sister who works at Nassau Coliseum and can get me tickets for free and also parents who have the patience to help me with "I like to test people" Frankie and "Super happy jumpy" Lia

So I can say that other then the boring intermission the kids did quite well for 2 hours sitting in a cold stadium.  Frankie did freak at the idea of eating any food there, he was pretty upset when he though he was getting pretzels and got a soft pretzel, Mommy should have known better. 

I guess if i do these things a few times I get less stressed out.  As he gets older and I have dealt with this longer I also get less stressed out.  Autism has given me patience I never thought i could posses and the ability to let things just roll off my back.

Today we missed the was OK, i drove him and then went shopping at Target.  use to be a big not a big deal anymore.  Great day, Great weekend, Great Life  :)

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