Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm complain unfourtunatly

As cute as he is....he needs to go back to school.  The photo above was taken at my aunts house where he continued to slam in those keys.......he's not the type of Autistic kid that is a musical savant may I add.

So yes, I need it to be Tuesday.  Mommy is getting mean, it needs to be Tuesday.  I can only Thank God that I was able to go out with friends Tuesday and out to dinner with my husband and another couple on Wednesday because if I didn't have those breaks....I don't know how I would be.

Today I felt like a horrible mother, This week I have been taken back to over a year ago when I just could not handle the boy.  I guess this is what people say is that Regression during school break.  He tests me to no end, climbs up things after repeated taking him off, ignoring etc.  After the 7th time climbing his table he got all giddy to see me coming to get him and fell off.  Then he wants me to be sad because he got hurt, but I'm not sad, I can only think "do you see why i told you NOT to do that"

Push sister, throw shoes, throw cereal....all with a smirk and even with the wrath of God in my eyes he is only scared for a second.  It needs to be Tuesday, I need the little boy who comes home and tells me how much he loves me back....not he one who just repeats back to me "don't you test me"

Friday, December 23, 2011

Good Church News

So in a short amount of Time our Church has raised a nice amount of money which is AMAZING and a blessing. We still have a Long way to go, but I just wanted to Thank anyone who donated.  I do believe in Miracles, whether for our Children, our lives, our Church community of the world.  Miracles happen.....keep on truckin, our prayers will be answered some way or another. 

Below is the original video from My Pastor, Brian McMillan...

Special Announcement from CenterPoint Church on Vimeo.

If you Still would like to Donate to Center Point Church Click Here

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We had a good run!

So I had been M.I.A. for a while because things were splendid.  Not perfect, plenty of typical 3 year old annoying behavior, but nothing exciting.  Maybe I should have written about how typical he was being.   I found out a few weeks ago that my son was playing me for a fool.  Apparently he talks, pees, poops, eats a variety of food and drinks out of a cup at school.  All things he does NOT do at home with out an enormous amount of prompting.  Doctor says besides the speech, to see him  now, you would think he wasn't on the spectrum's. Most stims are gone, he just is.

Until he saw me today when I went to his class party.  The teachers told me he never acts like he did....I hadn't seen him act like this since he got diagnosed!  He was SCREAMING at the sight of me, attached to me screaming, refusing food, freaking over everything, anything.  Once we left school he was ok again.  I was angry at him, I don't understand why my mere presence can set him off into such a tail spin.  Why is it that my son is sticking out even in a special education pre-school class.  Maybe that's mean but, I felt so upset.  They tell me all the sweet things he does and how great he is, but when i walk into the room he turns into a mess that I cant fix.

To end the evening we went and got a haircut.  My mother in law wanted to bring him, last time she went with out me and she said it went poorly.  He has always been ok getting a haircut with me alone, but i think the distraction of a favorite grandma kind of gets him all wired up and more freaked out.  His hair got messed up from moving and i had to hold his head against me just to finish it up.  I don't know what happened....3 months ago he got a haircut, no problem.  I feel like crap......I should do dishes, I don't want to....boooo

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Other Home....needs some help

I haven't blogged in a while, tons going on, Christmas fast approaching.  Things have been Status Quo in Autism World, same Frankie, same funny things, great strides as well!  But today I am stepping back from Autism for a second and talking about another part of my life, a part that is important and a part that could use some help and defiantly some prayer!

Once upon a time I wandered aimlessly still having some faith in God, yet none in organized religion.  I had once been depressed and at the end of my rope and when looking for help in the religion I was raised in I was met with blank stares and not much help, told confessing my sins would help maybe, if not maybe I should pray more.  In desperation I began googling churches in my area, all I wanted was a non- denominational church, something, anything.  To say I was confused is an understatement, then without fail an old friend from High School told me about this Church she and her fiance were attending and how i should go......That Church was Center Point.

I was going to go one weekend, she wasn't going to be able to go that weekend.....I drove past the building, scared out of my mind.....i went to have Coffee instead.  I was so worried about what people would think of me, I wondered if i would do church "right" those fears kept me out till the next week when my friend would be there.

Long story short, going to Church that day changed my life.  My now husband and I had been "on a break" when he said to me....."i want to go to that church with you"......He hadn't stepped foot in a church in 5 years.  It was Center Point that brought us back together, it was Center Point that grew my faith , it was at Center point I got married and dedicated my children.  Even now that it gets difficult for me to get to Church since Frank is working six days a week , Sunday being one of them, Center Point still reaches me with the online videos we can watch to feel connected with our Church even after a few weeks absence.

It is at Center Point I know if I am really in need there will be someone to help.  There is always a listening ear and a helpful hand.  Even recently two mothers have started a "parents of special needs" group that meets on Tuesdays.  It is programs and groups like that, that help so many and we hope to reach more.

We have recently outgrown our home.....a home that I will be so sad to leave, but we just don't fit anymore.  We had been looking into purchasing the building we are in regardless of the size limitations....that is until an opportunity for a new home.....about 10x the size of our current location popped up.  Its more centrally located in Massapequa NY and we would be able to reach so many more people and help those, like me 6 years ago, find their way and find a home Church.

So what I need from my fellow friend is Prayers.....prayer, prayers, prayers and more prayers.  Tears come to my eyes thinking of the potential of this place and the great things that can be done for Long Islands South shore.  By the end of January 2012, we have to have $250,000 for a down payment.  We are asking our church family to pray and give as much as they can to help us achieve this goal.  As my blog followers I am first just asking you to Pray for us (if you pray that is :) )  and spread the word for us if you are in the Long Island area.  Below I will add two links, one to the Church page and another to the donation page if you feel that you would like to give toward our cause.  All donations go straight to Center Point Church Building Fund, nothing crosses my hands.

I know this was a little different then normal, but I would jut love to be able to get as many prayers and as much help as we can!

Church Site:

Donation to Building Fund:

Again, I thank you so much for letting me post this and for any help you are able to offer!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I know other bloggers went the way of Anonymity.......the question has been posed, maybe I should as well.  I don't know what that means, I don't know what it entails.  Do I just start changing every ones name?  Can my name now be Emily? Do I never post another picture of my children again?  Do i never wrote a negative comment again?....I don't know. 

The Neurotypical Mom is a part of my other baby.  It wasn't suppose to get big, I though it would stay small like my business site, be a place of 10 hits a day, the end.  Little did I know there were so many like me.  Once things started to grow,  I let those close to me into this world as a way for them to better understand what was going on and to see Frankies progress.

I don't think I have ever written anything so extremely outrageous that I could be seem as a bad mother, wife or person, I have never disclosed surnames on this blog nor anything entirely too personal, but i am now questioning people even knowing my name and region........

I don't regret a word I have written, I have received so many comments and emails from people telling me how I have helped them and said things they think bu have been scared to say, for being honest, for being a ear to listen, for making other moms not feel alone......because yes, it is so lonely.  You don't know the pains and the joys of this life until you are in the thick of it.

My main goal here whether I am The Neurotypical mom or Emily (lol), is to let you know you are not alone on this spectrum.  If you need an ear to listen, I'm here.  A shoulder to cry on, I'm here.  A person to joke with, I'm here.

So should I become anonymous?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Photoshoots and the ASD child

From Birth to about 18 months old my son took the most beautiful pictures.  He looked straight at the camera, hammed it up big time....I photographers dream. 

Then we hit the quintessential 18 month mark where it starts hitting the fan.  I assumed it was separation anxiety or stranger anxiety, I have no clue.  I paid $40 for a Christmas pic i never used because his eyes were red and swollen as he stared into space....not a great Christmas card if you ask me.  I ended up taking a picture at home....which went a little like this.....
Very GQ, this took forever....and he is not even looking....but still this is one of my favorites :)

There are no professional pics of Frankie after 18 months......for a while there were just pictures i took of him when he wasn't paying attention.  I would get one good picture in a batch of staring off into space and nasty face.  I'm not sure what made me think at 2 when Lia was born that he would take pictures better.  I thought maybe with an on site photographer he would bet better......not so much.

Its not a bad picture, its just the only one we have from that shoot because he was completely noncompliant.  Here is Failed attempt at Christmas 2010....He was so Pissed....

And now to the greatest blessing that could happen to a photo crazed parent of an Autistic Child.....the ABA therapist who is ALSO a Photographer!

I suppose this will only help you if you are in the Long Island area, but seriously if you are here and you need pictures, check her out.  Kim started out as Frankie's ABA therapist though early intervention around the same time she began pursuing her passion for photography.  She started taking pictures of Frankie for me as little surprises during sessions, photographs I could never get.....Apparently she told me her secret...she asks him Social Questions lol.

With Christmas Card Season approaching, i knew who I had to call.... Kimberly Jean-Photography :)  Like always, with positive reinforcement, yummy reinforcers, patience and some social questions she did an awesome job.  It takes a special kind person to work with our kids and I don't know if she realizes the advantage she has to other photographers lol.

So if you are in the Long Island Metro area or know someone who is and would like to have photos taken by a professional, kind, patient reliable, awesome, very reasonably priced person who works with Autistic children daily...... Check out Kimberly Jean- Photography on Facebook or at her Website

I never thought I could get a cards this good....THANK YOU KIM!!!

For Some Reason Kim couldn't Comment on here so here is her response:

Hello there...I thought I was a bit over due for a good cry.... Thank you is all I can say... It has been my pleasure to work with Frankie & teach him how to get through a photo shoot or just a quick snap shot.. He is a remarkable little boy who just keeps surprising me every time I see him! When I first took a few pictures of him to surprise you for Mother's Day, I had no idea how he would react.. However, my plan worked.. I took him outside and gave him simple directions, just as I would in therapy.. then began to ask him social questions to keep him engaged.. It worked!! With some reinforcement, I got beautiful shots that I knew you were struggling to get..
Fast forwad a few months later and It's now Christmas time.. Time to send out those holiday cards.. but knowing that you have a child with special needs, especially one on the ASD, I knew difficulty was an understatement for how Frankie might respond to a typical studio set up photo shoot.... I can't take all the credit though... Yes, I was the one behind the camera, checking my settings, angels, etc. but credit must be given where credit is due.. Keri, my sister assisted me that day and thank goodness she did.. With simple commands again and models given, she was able to help me get some of the most beautiful shots of Frankie & his sister Lia.. Happy Holidays to all! And thank you again for all of your kind words!! Kim