Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Might Be Too Old

To say crap like "it's all good".  I'm sitting here trying to get this ball back on track watching some nonsense on tv. I'm realizing while I'm young at heart, I'm not sure how young I seem with 3 kids hanging on me. 

Heard it a million times, age is a number blah blah blah, but I am thinking he kid at the cash register is cringing when I say "my bad" or "it's all good".  Its possible if I was 28 with no kids and some awesome hipster outfit I would be relatively cool and I'd get a free pass on hip lingo....yea i just said hip lingo.  Crap, I'm loosing it.

Someone, quick, end me some cool phrases...... ok here is me with a pineapple....pineapples are hip and with it right?


  1. funny is it that I used that VERY phrase in my email to you BEFORE I even read this! kids are 14, 15, 18, 20 and they cringe when I use some terms...but I do it to bug them more than anything. I use some *old lady* phrases too!
    This year ON my 47th birthday I was offered.........a SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT! Really???? apparently the clerk was blind or just not paying attention!
    You have three young when I have my 4 ages 7 and under the only *cool* thing about me was I could manage them all on a city bus WITH a double stroller and a diaper bag! Of course my aMAZing McLeran stroller helped me out....GOSH that feel like a thousand years ago!
    So you can chill or take a pill...or put on the big girl panties or WHATEVER is hip :0) are YOUNG Chickie Girl! Embrace it!!

  2. My 17 year old cringes when I say things like "ratchet"...have you heard that one yet? Its like, ghetto or messed up or something like that! hahaha

  3. Wahhh Ratchet??? I must try that one on the local teens!