Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Story of Dinosaur

 This is Dinosaur......He is scheduled for Surgery at 9am tomorrow.  Apparently all the little plastic beads I keep finding around my house are from his tail.  Today he showed me how smart and emotional my son really is. 

In October of 2011, Frankie had to have an MRI which was scheduled by his neurologist.  I'm a tough cookie, Ive pinned my kid down for blood tests, I've held his jaw open to get a strep test, I have even wrapped my legs around him like a snake to let them stick things up his nose.....all the while with a nervous laugh.  I'm not actually laughing, its more of a OMG is this really happening, is this child this strong and combative....I have nothing left but to giggle.  With that being said, when the Social worker warned me about them putting him under, I though pshhh, no big deal.  So the time came to bring my little boy into the room with the Donut.  Again, social worker warns me about how he will go out and its upsetting sometimes, yeah yeah shh whatever.  Me and 4 other people are now holding my son down on a table, a doctor puts the mask on him and unlike anything I have ever seen sons little body goes limp.  It doesn't look like falling asleep, it looks like dying and then I  started crying.  I was escorted out of the room and told to go walk around for 45 minutes.

I walk around all nervous in this big Fancy Hospital.  Grab a Starbucks and play on my phone.  At this point in our journey Frankie was still not very verbal.  The words were there, but they weren't really used together.  I don't really know what he likes other then I stumble around the gift shop looking for Thomas or something.  Instead I find a blue t-Rex...that in reality, I wanted.  My son awakes from anethtisia very upset and meets his new pal "dinosaur".

Frankie holds onto dinosaur the whole way home as he babbles about the BIG"O" ......when asked..."dinosaur is from the doctor".....that's the beginning of a friendship. 

About 3 hours ago my son is laying in my bed trying to sleep, he asks for Kangaroo (his other animal).  So I ask him "Frankie, where is Dinosaur?"  All glassy eyed he says to me "mommy I don't love dinosaur anymore.  His tail is broken, his stuff is coming out.  He flew out the window and went away.  I don't love dinosaur and he don't love me"  WHHHAAATTT?

I know better....I'm not sure what he is talking about but, I know he doesn't suddenly NOT love that stuffed animal.  So here I go searching the apartment, the car behind his bed.....and find dinosaur stuffed in a drawer.

I find my son still awake, looking on the verge of tears, still saying he can't love dinosaur anymore.  I show him who I found...he lights up and then is upset again.  He tells me his tail is broken.  Since I'm a crappy sewer I bandaged him up and will have my husband (yes my husband) sew him closed tomorrow. 

I talked to my son, who for some reason or another believed that if dinosaur was broken I would throw him out.  He though he couldn't love him he hid him in a drawer and lied to me.  About 2 minutes later he passed out.  He is just too sweet, he made me cry, he is just too sweet.

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  1. Love it ! We have Bob the Builder. It was life size when Josh was 2, he's 14 now and still sleeps with it.He's ASD/ ADHD. Bob is missing an arm and a ear and some stuffing, he was devasted when the arm ripped, more so when the stuffing started to come out. He told me Bob was his friend. I've fixed it a couple times but not to good at sewing, really need to have my Mom do the surgery. Oh yeah Josh thinks Bob goes to a special Doctor to get fixed. Our dog and cat have their own doctor so why not ! lol :)