Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday Little Frank

Well not Little anymore.

I posted the following photo on my Facebook.....someone commented about how unsure I looked on the Left.

I look unsure because I was!!  Every birthday I write some sappy stuff and I'm sure the boy will read it in the future.  I will give it a break this year and laugh at myself.  I gave birth at 3:02 am.....they then took the boy to the nursery and I went to my room.  They brought him back to me around 7am....

This was left in my room while I was in the bathroom.....

Literally....I came out of the bathroom and there was a baby in my nurse....just this baby I had seen for 10 minutes at 3am before they whisked him away and I passed out (terrible birth story on that but that's another blog).  SO I took the picture above...... Just me and the boy in the room on July 6th 2008.  

I sat there and stared at him for 15 minutes or so..... looking back it reminds me of some national geographic documentary where a mommy animal isn't sure about its baby.  I didn't really know what I was suppose to do with him.  I paged the nurse.....  She comes in and I ask her.... "what do I do with him?"  She looks at me and says...."whatever you want, he's yours".  "Do i pick him up?"  I ask..... "do you want to pick him up?" She asks...... "maybe?"  

So I picked him up....and THEN I fell in love with that little baby.  We had a delayed attachment...well a few hour delay nothing insane.... because I was so unsure of myself.  

I never let him go.  I got reprimanded multiple times in the hospital for falling asleep with him but he was mine so like the nurse said....I was going to do whatever I wanted with him. 

I let that kid sleep in my bed till he was about not letting go ;) .  

Happy 7th Birthday Frankie
You have grown to be more amazing then we 
Ever Imagined!

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