Wednesday, October 7, 2015

No.....He is Not Mainstream

I re-read a blog I wrote 2 + years ago... It was called "I cured my sons Autism with Granola Bars and juice made in China" .   My Internet buddy Autism Daddy has cited that post (with my permission ) and I figured I'd update you all.

I wrote then how he looked recovered.....he still does....I wrote about inclusion Kindergarten....That kinda happened.....I wrote about mainstreaming in 1st grade....that did NOT happen.

I have talked about this phenomena that happens to us parents of high functioning kids, the one where we assume our kids will be ok by 1st or 2nd grade.  You go through early intervention, you do preschool you see amazing things happening and you say....this is going to be a one way train to normalcy.  WRONG.

Ok, maybe some people have amazing success stories.  Maybe some have all their dreams work out.  We on the other hand are still in a self contained class.  Don't get me wrong I'm thrilled with his placement.  He's in a 12:1:1 following typical curriculum.  He even has it in his IEP that he can push into a a mainstream class once he can get his behavior under control.....but....behavior is 100% not in control.

I could go on and on about his aggressive behavior but that is a long story and a blog for another day.

Its a strange limbo to be in.  He is in Cub Scouts with typical kids, he has 1:1 play dates with typical kids, he acts like a typical kid but.....the behaviors and impulsivity.....we are still working on that.

Still, 2 years after i poo pooed all those crazy treatments, i still look at them every once and a while.  We use essential oils and Epsom salt baths.  Do they cure?  No.  DO they calm?  Yes.  I called to look at NAET treatments and then kinda got sticker shock.

I don't need to fix him nor do I want to fix him but, I want him to be comfortable in his own skin.  Time will tell, I'm just done having expectations.  I mean I expect him to be an amazing boy, teen, man but.....I wont expect him to be the head of NASA ;)

With that..... He doesn't like Granola Bars anymore and the new juice we drink is actually organic but its Cheap because its from Aldi.  Maybe that's part of the behavioral regression....maybe that Chinese apple juice was the Cure!

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