Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We had a good run!

So I had been M.I.A. for a while because things were splendid.  Not perfect, plenty of typical 3 year old annoying behavior, but nothing exciting.  Maybe I should have written about how typical he was being.   I found out a few weeks ago that my son was playing me for a fool.  Apparently he talks, pees, poops, eats a variety of food and drinks out of a cup at school.  All things he does NOT do at home with out an enormous amount of prompting.  Doctor says besides the speech, to see him  now, you would think he wasn't on the spectrum's. Most stims are gone, he just is.

Until he saw me today when I went to his class party.  The teachers told me he never acts like he did....I hadn't seen him act like this since he got diagnosed!  He was SCREAMING at the sight of me, attached to me screaming, refusing food, freaking over everything, anything.  Once we left school he was ok again.  I was angry at him, I don't understand why my mere presence can set him off into such a tail spin.  Why is it that my son is sticking out even in a special education pre-school class.  Maybe that's mean but, I felt so upset.  They tell me all the sweet things he does and how great he is, but when i walk into the room he turns into a mess that I cant fix.

To end the evening we went and got a haircut.  My mother in law wanted to bring him, last time she went with out me and she said it went poorly.  He has always been ok getting a haircut with me alone, but i think the distraction of a favorite grandma kind of gets him all wired up and more freaked out.  His hair got messed up from moving and i had to hold his head against me just to finish it up.  I don't know what happened....3 months ago he got a haircut, no problem.  I feel like crap......I should do dishes, I don't want to....boooo


  1. We have been having major regression, too. I think it's Christmas that does it to them.

  2. My son is almost 7 and still becomes UNDONE when I am in his classroom or at his school in his presence for any reason at all. It used to upset me a lot, but I've gotten used to it through the years. I decided to believe that it's because he's so excited to see me, that he doesn't feel like focusing or being on task anymore, because he just wants to sit with me and hug me. He always greets me with a kiss when he sees me walk into the room, but I think he expects me to leave right away; it's when I stay for more than a few minutes, he is not a happy camper. Keep your chin up...