Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm complain unfourtunatly

As cute as he is....he needs to go back to school.  The photo above was taken at my aunts house where he continued to slam in those keys.......he's not the type of Autistic kid that is a musical savant may I add.

So yes, I need it to be Tuesday.  Mommy is getting mean, it needs to be Tuesday.  I can only Thank God that I was able to go out with friends Tuesday and out to dinner with my husband and another couple on Wednesday because if I didn't have those breaks....I don't know how I would be.

Today I felt like a horrible mother, This week I have been taken back to over a year ago when I just could not handle the boy.  I guess this is what people say is that Regression during school break.  He tests me to no end, climbs up things after repeated taking him off, ignoring etc.  After the 7th time climbing his table he got all giddy to see me coming to get him and fell off.  Then he wants me to be sad because he got hurt, but I'm not sad, I can only think "do you see why i told you NOT to do that"

Push sister, throw shoes, throw cereal....all with a smirk and even with the wrath of God in my eyes he is only scared for a second.  It needs to be Tuesday, I need the little boy who comes home and tells me how much he loves me back....not he one who just repeats back to me "don't you test me"


  1. I am right there with you on this! I have 2 on the spectrum and one who is not and they really need to go back to school so that we can be back on our schedule!