Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thank you Steve Jobs

I'm 100% sure that if there was no such thing as an iPad, I would never be able to attend a social function with myson with out crying.

Once upon a time in the land of Me before kids, I swore my child would NEVER play video games. My children would never be the zombies sitting at the table at a restaurant ignoring the waitress because they were to engrossed in their games. Ahhhh, that person we all were before we had children!

I had always struggled bringing LP out. No amount of coloring, trains or food could keep him sitting still or quiet. It was because of this that I became very secluded from the rest of the world. I spent most of my time in my house away from other people because it was the only place I could get my son to behave.

The day I it was suggested that I buy an IPad I almost fell off my chair. These people were crazy I thought, I'm going to get my kid an iPad as I sit here broke living in a tiny apartment living pay check to paycheck, eating Ramen noodles??? Like a small miracle, my mother decided to buy my son an iPad......and I sobbed, I wept, almost fell to the ground. Let me say, I was still skeptical of this thing, my son was beginning to be verbal so I didn't see how it would help him and not just end up being some expensive as he'll toy.

I can say 2 months later, my son can read because of the iPad. He knows his colors and shapes and grew the patience to listen to a book. He learned to trace letters and what items rhyme. He learned opposites, matching and what doesnt belong. And even though hearing "a doctor uses a stethoscope to hear your heart" scripted over and over again daily can grow annoying, at least he is saying something! The iPad helped my son sit through him great grandmothers funeral and helped say my goodbyes. It makes going to dinner a joy instead of a pain. And lastly it has let me type my blog on it after mY computer broke.....THANK YOU IPAD!!!!

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