Friday, June 24, 2011


CPSE = Committee for Pre-School Special Education.....I'm not sure how things go in other states since I'm new to all this but I can explain NY for you.  Between the ages of Birth - 3 your child falls under the care of Early Intervention which is run by your county (mine being Nassau).  Lucky for us, we live in the 3rd most expensive County in the country, we have the highest taxes and because of this kids in our area can get amazing services between the ages of 0-3.  When your child turns 2.6 years old its time to start the transition into the school district so that by the time they are 3, the county is no longer paying, but the district is.  Once again I am blessed to be renting in a town with high taxes :)  Before your child's 3rd birthday you must have a CPSE meeting to determine what services the district is willing to provide for your child.

Today was my CPSE meeting.  Now, because I know I was in a decent district and my son had preformed pretty bad on some of his new evaluations I was walking in trying to be laid back.  I knew what I wanted, full day pre-school with at least 5 hours of ABA at home.  I was warned that they probably would say no to home therapy, but I could ask.  I thought the hardest part would be arguing for home service, but no, the hardest part was being read the findings of my sons evaluations.  I knew he didn't do his best, I had read them over and over myself and absorbed it.  It wasn't until a complete stranger read every weakness my son had out loud, page after page that I literally felt like I was having an out of body experience.

When LP was born I knew I would be his biggest fan, but when people told me I would have to be his advocate I really didn't think this was for me.  Somehow during my Out of Body Experience , out came this person I didn't know.  Truth is, I am awkward and I hate to talk in public around people I don't really know about something I don't know everything about.  Today though, I looked up at a bulletin board, saw a  lady bug push pin (lady bugs have always been a God Wink for me), opened my mouth and out came everything I had to say without an ounce of shakiness to my voice.  Somehow I got through it, sounding intelligent and persistent and in turn got full day pre-school with the possibility of home ABA.  The possibility is huge, because they didn't say no.....they didn't say yes....but they didn't say No.

My advice for those parents going through this is to know that its stressful, but in times of stress, the spirit can do amazing things.  You never doubt your child, so never doubt yourself.  You are your child's voice and if you love that child, I promise the words will come out.  Fight forever and never back down.

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  1. Look at how strong you are... Just as you said you love that child, and that love will allow you to achieve things you never thought possible. My mother has always told me that I am the source of her greatest strength.Together we're an unstoppable force, and that's what you and LP will be!