Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I cured my sons Autism with Granola Bars and Apple Juice from China

I might lose fans

I started many a blog with that warning....but its come to the point where I considered writing this anonymously.  Then i thought, stop being a coward and just come out with it.

My son was diagnosed with Autism and 2 months later I started a blog.  In those months I was bombarded with thoughts, ideas, "cures" and tons of opinions.  I've said it before, I was never depressed about it, I knew something happened with vaccines (my son, not ALL Autism), I knew in my mind he would be ok, we would be ok.

Then I saw it......I saw these moms talking about "recovery".  So there I fell, into the recovery circle.   We started therapy and I started "recovery".  I ran to the local health food store ad plopped down close to $300 in supplements.  I put my son through Blood tests, MRI's, EEG, Endoscopy's, nutrition consultations, Prescription meds....I did it all to help him, thats what I believed. 

Every morning I had him swallowing liquids and gummies and sending him to school.  Everyday I sat here and read about crazy things people were trying....CAMEL Milk....yes Camel milk to recover the Autism.

Here I am feeling like Shit because I cant afford Camel milk....shit I cant afford all these damn supplements to save my kids life.  After all those test, I found out my kid has celiacs and  MTFR gene I suppose the tests were good but I NEVER found that crazy crap in his blood everyone told me I would.  I spread myself thin and almost burnt myself out to recover this kid....and then I snapped.  It was around the same time I got pregnant with the little guy and took a hiatus from Blogging.

I BURNT OUT.  I burnt out because there are people in this world that are holier then thou and have "recovered" their children.  They never feed their kids foods with preservatives, they give them special meds, they give them special baths, they go to special doctors and they talk down to everyone who doesn't go bankrupt trying to save their kid.

NOW here is the kicker........

My son.....seems...."recovered"

It was hard for me to come back to blogging...because he is doing so Damn well.  You know what I did?  Nothing.  I fed him GF Granola bars and Juice.  He ate chicken nuggets and cereal.  He watched TV and ate handfuls of candy. He only takes a multivitamin and he will vomit up fish oil.

Guess what, he woke up 6 months ago, looking pretty damn typical.

So my question is.....was it just time and therapy. I Thank God every day I did not bankrupt us.  When I say I do not have one cent left to try new "therapies" I mean it.  There is no way.....

And here he is....talking up a storm...looking at inclusion Kindergarten with hopes of mainstream soon after that and he never had a drop of camel milk, or was thrown in a hyperbaric chamber, never chelated, never on a strict diet, never given supplements around the clock.......just therapy, time and hope.

That's all I got.  I rambled I know, I know.  I know some of you feel like read peoples status updates on facebook when it come to Autism and you feel inferior, I know I did (some days I still do).  Why didn't I do more, why don't I do more, why am I not a "warrior".  Because I'm not a warrior, I'm a mom, and at the end of the day I'm a good one.

At the end of the day...I RECOVERED MY SON.....on Granola Bars and Apple Juice made in China :D


  1. LOL... cracked me up... I am the same way... I don't and never will believe that my children will grow out of, be cured of, or recover from autism... first of all it is a neurological disability, and unless the brain can totally regenerate then I don't believe it will ever happen... I love my kids the way they are, they love the way they are... in my home we understand everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is born different, and for them it is autism, for me it is ocd, and just because they have autism people ( and yes many people, too many people... doctors, family, teachers, friends...) think we should try everything under the sun to cure them... my kids are not guinea pig who are to be experimented on... I totally am okay with parents who want to go that route, and i support their right to try, but don't demand that i do, pressure me to, or try to force me... then it will be a fight... I love your post...

  2. I really love this! It brought tears to my eyes because I was one of those beating myself up because I couldn't try the newest latest greatest thing for spectrum kids, I was lucky enough to afford fresh produce most grocery trips. My son's 11 now and has been officially dismissed from special ed in his small mainstream school that he's attended since pre-k. He talks about nothing but video games, loves junk food and thinks farts are hilarious. He can't wait for his mustache to grow in and his best friend in the world is someone who has that one common denominator that makes them understand each other better than anyone out there. Pretty freakin typical, if you ask me ;)

  3. Thanks happy so far no ones coming at me to yell at me and kick my butt :p

  4. Wish I could get my kid to eat a granola bar!!

  5. Awesome!! But I gotta ask, what brand of granola bars & apple juice? And how much per day? :)

  6. You're funny! All kids are different! What works for one, doesn't work for another & I wish my kid would have been cured from GF granola bars & juice. That's all she ate for a year! :)

  7. often with the nuggets? Did you dose him every day, or once a week? I have Lily on nuggets right now!

  8. thx for the smile. i was having one of those pitty party days...

  9. 2 thumbs up!! Hope to live your lives with love, health and happiness!
    Ioanna, a mom from Greece <3

  10. My thoughts exactly....I always wonder if I do enough and the progress he's making at the moment I can say we're doing a good job!

  11. Jim i just lmfao...... we do the GFCF nuggets...2 every 3 hours till hunger subsies