Thursday, February 28, 2013


Ok so I've been sitting here with this organizer in my hands pondering what to do with it since I already have 3.....yea 3. 

Anywho, So here it catalog and in practice at my house:

So I decided instead of selling it, I would give it away since I am seeing how much it is helping in our own home.  Below is the "Rafflecopter" box so you can enter.  I was going to do numbers but with that many fans im scared I will screw up Royally.

If you have any questions feel free to email me on The Neurotypical Mom or

See more pics at
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. It wouldn't let me answer the first question. I follow your facebook because of facts and fun. :-)

  2. Darn, Im not sure why its not working. Oh well, Free points for everyone :D. Thanks for commenting CrisGolden!

  3. I tried on the first question but it wouldn't let me answer also... I follow your blog because you are real... you laugh, you have moments, you get frustrated , you love your kids, your not ashamed to tell it like it is and your outlook is refreshing and real... I have 2 with autism (3 kids total) and I just like knowing there is some one out there who says what they feel ( thought I was the only one...LOL)...

  4. It didn't give me a way to answer the question, so I will answer it here. What makes me check out an Autism blog, is either recomendations from a blog I already enjoy following or from a friend of mine. Or I see a title and summary line that looks inviting (funny, informative, touching, and/or I can relate, etc) :)

  5. I guess I"ll answer here also. I check out so many articles for every reason under the sun. Sometimes it's a fun article and sometimes something that I think I need to learn more about. I'm also in college and my major is Psychology, so it all combines together with having a son with Autism and being in school.

  6. I am going to answer it here also. I love your blog for all of the above. some facts, lots of fun and the feeling that im not alone.

  7. Ok it still hates me can ya please enter my name thanks. Xo