Thursday, February 21, 2013

If your New Here....

I am a Christian wife and mother of three. I work at home selling Organizing solutions....while I am the least organized woman on earth.

My oldest was diagnosed with Autism at 2.5.  He was nonverbal and jumpy

I tried ton of supplements, diets, medicines, put my kid through tests and honestly....he only "recovered" with Intense schooling, therapy, hope and love

My son has Celiacs, and all my kids have dairy issues....because of that we are GFCF....I didnt see any difference in anyones behavior....except everyones poop was back to normal.

I don't let my kids have red dye because it makes them Bonkers

I am sarcastic and like to kid alot.  Please don't take me to seriously.

At the same time, I take tons of crap personally. 

I beat myself up for over a year blaming myself for my sons issues and my inability to fix him.  It wasn't until i let that go and loved him for ho he was....that he was "fixed"

I'm a normal mom, I get frazzled, i drink wine and I like it. 

Try not to get offended....its all fun here

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  1. i'm NEW. love the humor in your blog. reminds me of the shut up sisters who wrote "shut up about your perfect kid" ( MY blog is you can read about me there. If you want ;-) Its a work in progress and I'm not nearly as interesting. lol