Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Happy Feel Good Post

Just Kidding!

Well, only kidding a little bit.  I recently read a Blog by Autism Daddy called "Pulling Back The Curtain On Autism... no miracles here..."  

It made me remember one of the reasons I stopped blogging for a while and kind of disappeared.  I have one of those kids.  I have one of those kids that has come so amazingly far and one day people will probably look at him and just think he is quirky.  I felt weird because he was doing so well.

Sometimes I feel on the outskirts of the Autism community now because my sons biggest issues are mainly behavioral.  He won't eat, he won't use the potty and he has the worst temper.  In two years I went form having a stimmy Non-verbal kid who on occasion had banged his head on concrete to a Moody Teenager in a 4 year olds body.

They tell me he still has issues processing thing, transitions are still tough, he can't pay attention and he gets overly emotional when his friends don't agree to play with him.  Again, to me, his issues aren't that huge anymore and it makes me feel funny.

So my thing is, I know there is a deeper, darker side to Autism,  I think that side is played down.  So here I am bitching because my son won't eat his food and being happy that he wants to do 1st grade level workbooks and I feel like I add to the problem.

Just because my kid is Sheldon (BBT) doesn't mean all Autistic kids are.  To my fellow parents who have children more severe, know that I think of you constantly when I write.  We are on the Same journey but it is Very, very different.  Because seriously, no matter how smart my kid or your  may be, I get so annoyed when I hear "You know they say those kids with the Autism are Super genius".....ugh, If we are doing that, then Asian and Indian kids are also super smart and I am dumb as a bag of rocks because I'm Polish :)

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