Friday, December 7, 2012

Bleach is Not Neurotxoin.....and it didn't give my son Autism

So at our national Autism Bloggers convention we were talking about the things that people say that may or may not hurt our feelings.  Ok just kidding, well only about the convention part but the topic has come up in conversation with other blogger friends. You have to remember, we are real people behind these pages, our feeling do get hurt. 

So Here is mine.....

One night I posted how cleaning my tub with Clorox Clean up reminded me of Chaminade High Schools Swimming Pool.  I was a competitive swimmer and that pool had so much chlorine in it, its surprising I didn't die.  The irony in all of this is I am sensitive to Chlorine so I had a runny nose all swim season... but I digress.  Well a fellow Autism mom decided to write to me "Bleach is a neurotoxin, you should NEVER USE THAT EVER".  Ok well I was really just looking for a rise from my old friends I swam with, wasn't trying to make a statement here, its my PERSONAL facebook.  I went on to try and explain how i only use clorox on the toilet and tub tiles because I have a real mold problem being in a basement apartment, how I usually use natural stuff but to ME the MOLD is worse on respiratory systems then the Bleach......Oh crap...

I was met with the whole :

onions in a tub...not my tub lol
"even a drop of Bleach is detrimental to your child, how dare you blah blah blah child with Autism, blah blah blah killing brain cells blah blah blah, terrible mother blah blah MOLD IS NATURAL SO ITS OK..." 

Ok I made that last part up.  My point is, Bleach is one of the Safer cleaning products out there other then natural cleaners.  If you told me cutting up an flipping ONION and rubbing it around my tub would do the same job as the bleach and kill all the mold, I'd be on it.  It doesn't, onion + tub = Smelly, teary, sill Moldy tiled tub.

My second point is Bleach is not the cause of my sons Autism.  Its not the cause of anyones Autism, its been around since before Autism was discovered so there.  I don't understand why other people who are in the same boat as me have to "school me".   SAME TEAM here people....I think my kid got Autism after a Flu shot because he was genetically predisposed and someone thinks its from MMR and someone else things its all genetic...FINE, good I am happy.  Just dont crucify other parents in a public forum for using bleach, or not going GF/CS, not doing ABA, for continuing to vaccinate, for having more then one kid after Diagnosis, for flipping whatever.  Stop, stop talking bad to each other and listen to each others story with open minds.  Just like you never met two people with Autism that are the will never meet two families who have children with Autism that are the same. 


  1. New follower here. How about instead of we think the same...we think extremely similiarly alike! Love it.

  2. I'm new here as well, and also a neurotypical mom (as far as I know...). I just want to say that I think I love you. Thank you for saying it like it is. Bleach on, sister!

  3. Totally agree! Science has yet to find the silver bullet so until then we all just muddle through.