Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Do Work

This is what I do.  Sell bags and organizing solutions to women (and some men).  Um, what better thing to be involved in then organizing solutions that help with scheduling etc? 

I was very turned off by Direct Sales, I don't like pushy people that shove parties and opportunities down my throat, I hide from the Tupper Wear lady, My mother is an Avon Lady and I use to make fun of her. Now, I sell Thirty-One....go figure.

Dec. 5th I find myself pregnant and in need of extra money and see a side bar ad on a blog.  I request a catalog and leave it in Gods hands.  I open the catalog to find a bag with my daughters name.....Sign 1.....then I Find this womans story..... She is the mother of 3.  Her oldest has Autism......she goes on to describe her life that mirrored mine and I knew that was it.  I signed up Dec 26th.  Has it made me a multi-millionaire?  No.  Has it given us extra income to pay off debt?  Yes.  Has it gotten me out of the house to interact with other grown women?  Yes.  Has it given me a project thats for ME? Yes.  Has it given me an outlet away from this whole Autism thing?  You bet!

So, In January I will be doing a giveaway in honor of my 1 year anniversary with Thirty-One and my sons 2 year ASD Diagnosis anniversary.  My Question is.......  What do you want to win???  I'll post photos below and vote, or do you just want a $50 credit? Let me know what you could use because I'm giving them away :)

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