Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just life

I meant to think of something profound and amazing to write about today.  I got nothing.  I was sure, positively sure, that something would jump out at me.  Instead I spent most of the day annoyed that regardless of what I do someone is spilling juice or something wet on my couch or rug.

This is parenthood, Autism or not, kids are just messy.  I need to really get over it I know, but today was the day when even my husband was spilling things.  I know better then to buy nice things but at some point you don't want your cheap stuff to get ruined either.

Juice cups with tops you suggest?  Oh yea we got those.  Somehow, like the juice gods are laughing at me, no matter what cup there is liquid coming out.  First next to the table....then later under the ottoman...then husband spills bowl of water he's using to shine his the evening, when they opened the fridge and dumped an open yogurt on the floor.......

I asked the children to leave the kitchen as I was about to HULK smash the fridge. 

I think thats one of those annoying things about Autism.  The boy sometimes just doesn't get it.  He does something and no matter what action is taken, he continues to do it and never understands really why I am upset.  For the 10,000 time i say dont open the fridge, ask mommy for help.  I turn around and 5 minutes in the fridge.

Maybe it has nothing to do with Autism....Maybe Bill Cosby was right.

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