Thursday, December 6, 2012

Allow me to reintroduce myself....

 My name is........(Jay-Z music starts)

Sorry, I like to entertain myself,  I'm the Neurotypical Mom.  I'm the mother of 3, my oldest guy who is almost Four and a half has Autism.

I started this blog in 2011 about 2 months after my son was diagnosed. It was my way to cope, my way to share and my way to complain.  In the early days I had no idea what to expect, but the truth is I was scared.  I remember 6 months or so before he was diagnosed I knew, as he sat in a stroller with no speech grunting at a infant toy.  I was reading a book saying he should be able to label boy yea right.

So blog I did.....and therapy he started, TONS of therapy.  He started labeling words and a year later I was able to have a conversation with him.  Around January of 2012 I stopped blogging. I was burnt out, 3 months pregnant, worried about my daughters development, started working a new job and needed a break.

Here I am back, My son speaks, most of his stims are gone, he does Meltdown usually in the morning or if he falls asleep on the bus ride home.  He still refuses to potty train and is very limited on the foods he eats.  He has some terrible behaviors that we are aggressively working on fixing.  What you dont like being spit on?  Right now he is in a integrated 12:1:2 with OT, PT, Speech, Play therapy and 1:1 therapy.  He has Celiacs disease and is Milk gives him tummy issues, so we are going GF/CF because we have to, not because i want to "cure" him.

I'm moderate on my ideas.  My son did have a reaction to a flu shot and he DID regress and fail to progress.  Saying that, at birth he was a little different.  I follow the school of thought now that there are many different causes, so eloquently explained by Autism Daddy here.

Forgive my past whiny Blog posts......i was a mama having a hard time.  Thank you for being here as I come back :)

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