Monday, December 3, 2012

Colorful Language

So After just posting how i wasn't going to be all Negative Nelly.....I have Stories lol.

So this year the boy is in a 12:1:2 (sort of) that has 12 kids in the morning, 6 typical, 6 ASD with a Spec. Ed teacher, regular pre-k teacher and 3 aids.  Then in the afternoon is the 6 ASD boys alone with one Spec. Ed and 3 T.A's

After that background, last year he was in self contained with kids with multiple different delays, all sweet, all pretty amazing.  This year he is with at least 2 kids that have some tough behavioral of which is Cursing.

Yes, my son speaking is a blessing, he has come so far but the day he says "Shut the F- Up".....well thats the day I wish he would stop talking.  I ignore the behavior, but now im finding myself warning people he may say it to take the blame off myself.  All I coudl think was, what if he goes to Sunday school and says that???  Will they think he hears that at home...AHHHHHH.

Recently he has also told me he is going to throw me in the garbage and in the photo above he was telling me he was going to squish me.  I just keep tellign myself that 2 years ago, he grunted and jumped in place....I should be happy he wants to express to me that he is pissed and wants to throw me in the garbage and that I should Shut the F- up.

God Help me..... lol.....

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  1. Hi ! I just started following you , I've also started following Autism Daddy a couple of weeks ago. My son is 14 ,ASD/ADHD/Sensory he just started High School/ Spec-ed. The first time I heard him yell "Bitch!" I thought I would die. I also have an 18yr old, he doesn't cuss but he uses expressions that used at the wrong time are just as bad ! I thought it would pass, I tried ignoring it, I tried correcting him, (which sends him into a giggling fit) my face must turn red or something while I am calming explaining to him that yelling F---in Bit-- very loudly that can also be heard out side and 3 states away is very bad !! maybe my eye twitches or something but that made it worse,he laughed and not only was he screaming it , he was whispering it, singing it and repeating it to a point that when I left the room the dog came with me, followed by the cat. It's now been months and he still pushes my buttons with the cursing, he's also learned some more of them, yipee ! The thing is, I know he knows that it's wrong !! He doesn't cuss around my parents or his cousins, he doesn't cuss at school, well at least they haven't mentioned it, he also doesn't do it in public places. He's not perfect when we go out, it's still a very stressful event to take him to the grocery store,library, park etc. but he is not cussing. So now I know he's doing it to piss me off, make my face turn red, see my one eye twitch, make the hair on my neck stand up. Now what do I do !!! Ignoring it doesn't work, correcting him doesnt work, if I tell him he can't go to WAWA on Fri, (he likes their Choc Milk)he will behave for period of time. Bribary is useless, "normal" punishments are too stressful and hard on my drywall, I have even taped him yelling profanity and played it for him to show him how nasty it sounds, he laughed like I was tickling him !! Anyway Good Luck and if you find a "Cure" let me in on it !! lol Also, Exhausted is the new norm and a whole pot of coffee before lunchtime hasn't killed me yet !! :) Enjoyed your blog ! Thanks !