Monday, October 17, 2011

The begining...

This is the beginning of us trusting the medical community to help our son.  Many of us moms fear putting complete trust in the doctors, especially after the Vaccine issues we see.  My optimistic heart doesn't blame the doctors, I blame the pharmaceutical companies mainly.   I blame greed and money and constant (false) re assurance that the vaccines are safe.

So now, after the blood has been drawn its time to fix things.  I wonder if my son was born with  Autism, or did these medical issues cause the Autism.  Were his medical issues exacerbated by vaccines.....these are things I will never know.  So as you all know Frankie has a very high probability of having Celiacs Disease.  The only concrete way to diagnose Celiacs is to do an endoscopy.....which is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.  The next finding in the work up was a gene Mutation on his MTHFR gene with a Heterozygous C677T mutation.  It would be a bigger deal with it was Homozygous because it would be on both strands and more of an issue, but this still causes some issues with nutrition and Proteins.  Next stop on the Dr train is a visit to a RD Nutritionist to figure out the EXACT amount of protein Frankie can eat per day.  Last big thing was elevated levels of crap in his blood that shouldn't be so high....our main examples were Ammonia and this brings us to a Metabolic Specialist to figure out why he is no metabolising these yucky things.

My last blood work observation was the Measles Titer.  Of course the doctor will not say anything about this but.......his Measles antibodies are 6x higher then what the average is.  I don't have much to say about that but.....if it lives in the gut that is pretty screwy.

I will try to be updating the blog medically daily, or at least after every Dr appointment.  Its nice to be able to keep family updated with out having to make 20 phone calls.  After a while explaining the same thing over and over gets upsetting.  Till next Thursday, this is Dr. NT Mom signing off :)

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