Friday, October 21, 2011

Today Was One of Those Good Days

Call me crazy, but I think there is something to this Diflucan.  I am a doubting Thomas, so doubting that I read the vaccine books and vaccinated the kid anyway.....oh damn you doubt!  

I doubted ABA and that worked, I doubted pre-school and it seems to be working, hell I doubt myself everyday and I seem to be doing ok with all this.  So when the Dr. mentioned the Diflucan over a month ago I was hopeful but tried not to get too excited.  

As you all know we started Diflucan about a month and a week ago.  Two weeks in Frankie started speaking in some full sentences and his poop got better.....then the medicine expired ( long story, I had no idea) and those things went away.  Now a week into a new Rx of Diflucan that is not expired and he is spitting out full sentences that make sense again.  This morning I had to pick the boy up at school because I didn't get the Dr to sign a paper saying he could return to school.  So to the Dr we go to sign papers and drop the boy back off.  In the car a little voice pops up "Mama, I want to go home" no you are going to school but THAT WAS A GREAT SENTENCE!  woo hoo!  

He went back and a few hours later I picked Boy wonder off the bus.  Like I do everyday I pick him up, give him a big kiss and like clock work "Did you have fun at school" comes out of my mouth.  Everyday he just repeats it back to me, some days he says it before I can.  Today was different, today I asked "did you have fun at school" and Frankie said Yes.  I asked "what did you do?" (which is also parroted back) but today he answers "I painted leaves".  My my, the boy talks!  

He continued to chat it up here and there in little sentences, then he runs over to the stove and yells "Mama, Look its New CEREAL!, I want new cereal!"  New cereal is anything that is not chex.  I let him have 2 bowls of new cereal because I was so happy he was talking. He went on to have 2 slices of bread, 10 Ritz cracker and a rice cake.....all because he asked.  

Again, my doubt will probably disappear.  To think Yeast could effect you in such ways is crazy.  We shall see, can not wait for the weeks to come!

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