Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sudden sentences.

Today started out bumpy. I picked up Frankie from Grandmas and our first stop was the dr. Office for our new monthly blood draw. Now that he is on medication long term they have to check his liver enzymes monthly. It was quick, blood came out fast, maybe he is getting use to this.

Next stop, home to get some medication into little mans body. He grabbed a box of cereal and said " you get bowl?". Sure! He ate his corn chex and juice, he is so funny the way he takes his vitamins. Everyday the same way, he always eats the gummy and the vit c tablet together after he sticks them to each other. Then he eats the applesauce concoction.

Third stop, Apple store to pick up computer. He was so well behaved, he played Dora and Diego on the computers while we waited. In the whole mall experience that lasted well over an hour he only threw himself on the floor once...yes that makes me excited that he only did it once hAha.

Came home and let them play, stressed out more mentally because of all the stuff happening around me and feeling a complete lack of control. I cried, I cried on the phone, said things about my son I didn't really mean just out of pure frustration with our situation. I cried about the jumping, the stiming, the echolalia, the idea of GFCF, the fact that I don't like taking him in public alone for fear of stares.....I cried out all of my insecurities as I stare at this little boy sitting pant less on my living room floor watchin ni hao Kailan.

After all that, Frankie walks over, looks up and says " mama we have cookies at home, I want cookies at home" he says this as he is pointing to the child ahoy. I let him have 3 cookies just because I was so happy. He went on to do some dopey thing like fLl off our bed between the bed and the book shelf (thank God we have pillows there).... I hear a little voice " Mama, I fall down, I stuck in here"..... I waS so happy I took pictures....I know I know, not normal. Again on our bed, he was hiding his train Mavis under the blankets, he would say " where is my Mavis.......there is MY MAVIS!!!". These little things went on for hours.

Lastly I sat on the floor next to the couch. Frankie comes up behind me with a back massages thing and starts rolling it on my back, he says "that's on back"..... Then he does my toes " that's on toes"..... He went to every body part and told me what it was and then we switched places and I did it to him. It's hard for me to believe that Diflucan can change my child's attitude and disposition....but I'm finding this has to be more then a coincidence. He is such and Little Angel!

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