Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Want a Money Tree!

I don't have much to say other then my brain is rattling in my head and I have anxiety.  Been on the phone all day making appointments, talking Autism and talking with insurance companies.

Almost 6 months back I got asked why we would need money to help our son.  I got comments like Autism Speaks is a good place to donate money, donate buttons on blogs are tacky, the district pays for everything he needs etc. Well where is Autism Speaks when my insurance won't pay for a Nutritionist?   They will only pay for a kid who has diabetes but NOT a kid with Celiacs.  I've been arguing all morning.  A kid who cant have sugar is covered but a kid who cant eat WHEAT is not.  So because my kid doesn't have a mainstream issue I have to shell out $300 a visit?  You can say just skip the nutritionist but he has the protein issue too.....how can I know whats a good amount of protein unless I go to a nutritionist?

I'm so angry.  I'm angry because Diabetes is covered and Celiacs isn't.  Plain and simple, I hate health insurance and I hate that Autism Speaks will raise 78 million dollars and us parents who need the help will see $0.  Thanks for the Awareness

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  1. I totally understand your frustration. I am in the same position too. I'm paying $175 for OT at a sensory gym because the school does not have a provider yet and I have to raise hell at the district office to get a RSA letter. Planning on raising hell soon. Autism is big business and if you're just a regular working class Jane, it's tough to keep up. It's between paying a bill or paying for the services I know will help my son. So if you get a money tree, let me know - I'll be over!