Monday, October 17, 2011

Its Happening Already

I am being a bad mom and Blogging my heartburn away and letting my kids watch Bubble Guppies.

Yesterday was Lia's Dedication at our Church.  As Christians we dedicate our babies instead of Baptise them.  We Dedicate them and profess that we will raise them in Christ and guide them so that when they are old enough to make the decision to become Christians and be baptised, they will.  After Church we had a party to celebrate the dedication as well as her birthday a few weeks late. 

That morning, my husband looked at her and said "hi Lia" and she responded "Hi Dada" husband looked at Frankie and said "Hi Frankie and he responded "Hi Frankie".  I think hubby is frustrated.  He wont outwardly come out and say it hurts, but it must.  It hurts that he has regressed since he started school and it hurts that My daughter is starting to pass him in some developmental areas. 

So as my title suggests.....its Happening Already.  Her social interactions are beginning to surpass his.  Today I had Parent/teacher conference which ended up being a lot more formal then I had expected.  It was worse then the IEP meeting.  At least with the IEP meeting it was the opinion of someone who saw him for 1/2 and hour, this was the opinion of people that work with him daily.  When I'm told my son is self harming himself or that he is a danger to himself by the PT or that all his Ecolalia has flooded back full force, the shirt chewing we worked on getting rid of is back can make you sick.  I'm starting a new battle with the district who has screwed up the IEP and now my son isnt getting services at home. The chair person wrote Counseling instead of ABA so she wouldn't catch shit from her boss.....well they wont let my son get ABA because it says Counseling...its all craziness and no one can answer me.  He is regressing and I'm suppose to sit here an be like OK that's fine.  They aren't lying when they say these become the fights of your life...this sucks

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