Monday, September 19, 2011

Boo Boo Arm

So I have to get blood work done on the boy to check metal levels and allergies and yeast etc.  Bringing my son for these test leaves me less then thrilled and very on edge.  You can ask my husband about me on edge, Friday morning I lost it, Anything and everything that was bothering me came out and I threw it all in his face, all because of a blood draw stressing me out.

My mother in law took a few hours off on Friday so we could drive 35 minutes away to Great Neck to a lab by the hospital.  The doctor preferred we go near the hospital in order to keep the blood cold or what not.  Now I had called Wednesday to give them a heads up about my sons situation and ask if a special lady who was good with kids would be there.  The woman who picked up the phone chuckled and said "ma am, anyone can handle a 3 year old, you don't need Mona .  We are all trained to do this blah blah blah".....anyway, Mona would be in Thursday and of course that wasn't a day I could go.  Stupidly I assume this bitchy woman was right and anyone could handle a blood draw, so I will go Friday.

I get to the lab and walk in to find a huge empty office with a girl who looks about 19 at the front desk.  No one else is there, i fill out the paper work she looks at me and  nervously says "you can hold him down right?".  To which I reply in a nervous laugh "um I hope so".  The truth is i cant hold my son still, he is 37lbs of brute strength, but in my mind there certainly had to be more then ONE person here to help.  Wrong, one girl who weighed about 100lbs and me.  She pulls the tubes and says "WOW, this is going to be a lot of blood".....did she really just say that?  As though I wasn't freaked out enough that they were taking ELEVEN vials of blood from my child, the person doing it seems shocked.  So here I sat, trying to hold a child who was crying from the tourniquet......she stuck him and he flinched....WELL of course you just out a needle in him.  She gets flustered and says she cant do it.  My son is bleeding down his arm and she cant do it.

I called the main offices and complained about lack of staffing and the fact that I drive that far because apparently ANYONE can handle a 3 year old.  I cried in the car, I cried because I knew I would have to do this again.....and honestly once is really enough with this tests.

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