Saturday, September 3, 2011

I a Swof....and our adventures of the day

The Boy slept at his Grandmas last night.  You would think that I would like the time alone, but in reality I need the chaos in order to get things done.  The more things going on around me, the better I function.  If all is calm, I will most likely just end up on the couch watching RHWNJ re-runs.

So me and Lia went to pick up Frankie around 10 am.  He was all dressed and ready to go, I sat and talked to my father in law for a little and then Frankie got nutso.  I don't know what it is, but whenever he is at my in-laws and I am there he becomes beastly.  When he is with each of us alone he is fine.  He decided he needed to run at my face and slap my glasses off.....he gets like a bettering ram and just headbutts me in the chest.  I stay calm, ignore.....yea that doesn't work.  I put him in time out.....he has now started high pitch screaming in time out as he bites his fingers.....ignore that....but it hurts my ears so bad and it send Lia over the edge.  He threw some train tracks, I made him leave.

Ran some errands, surprisingly he did great.  After lunch we decided to go on a walk.  Now my double stroller needs air in the tires, so that means we put Baby Diva in the single and Frankie helps me push......well sort of.  He is doing a lot better with walking with me then he use to.  We found an acorn, then we spelled acorn....a-c-o-r-n ACORN!!!!  All went well until the second half of the block where Frankie had to step on every crack and make a certain grunting noise.  Is this OCD????  Every crack he screamed STOP and grunted.  I tried to distract him and tell him what I saw....he'd say I see a car....STOP!  gruuuunt grunt!

As you could guess it took forever to get around the block with this nonsense behavior, but all in all it was pretty peaceful.  I almost died laughing though when he ran over to our tree and told me he was a Sloth (see picture above).  Sammy the sloth is from Diego, and well Frankie was pretending to be Sammy.  I even got his legs up to hang, but he cant hang on long enough for me to take pictures.  I love his little imagination, it really has blossomed!

This evening to quite uneventful except for my insane anxiety.  I'm at an 8 on a 1-10 scale....not sure why, want to stay isolated because the outside is making me anxious.  People don't really understand and I don't expect them to.  Its a gnawing feeling, i usually just want to be alone when it happens, started last night......this will probably last a while.  Hope you are all having a great weekend....till next time!

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