Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You have fun at school?

I got Frankie off of the bus yesterday, he was so happy! He grabbed my face and said " you have fun at school?". Grrrr, now he is expecting what I say. Kim came yesterday for his first real ABA session at home. She had an idea to make pictures on the sheet that the teacher sends home so he can tell me what he did at school using visuals instead of words. Bus has been better, now he smiles when the bus comes!

The last two days of school he had some issues with aggression. Everyone keeps telling me it's normal but I am one of those crazy moms that thinks her kid is perfect. Even with Autism, he will have perfect Autism. Did I mention I was crazy?

Today I didn't get any violence notes home, I got "Frankie refused to eat lunch". In the communication notebook Andre (his teacher) said he was kicking to be funny. I was pretty sure this was what it was, he doesnt aggressively kick, he does it for attention. I find the more I feed into the kicking, the more he does it.....if I ignore him, he will find something else to push mommies buttons. He is in a HUGE testing phase right now. He is testing at school and at home. Not a fan, no no no.

On a positive note, Frankie made some pee pee on the potty today. His speech teacher also wrote how he used a sentence appropriatly. On Fridays Frankie has group speech, so today as he passed one of the classrooms he said " where is Jayden?". His speech teacher was thrilled, she id they have only picked up Jayden at that room twice so she was amazed he remembered. I wrote back about his memory, it's amazing. A year later he remembers things, he remembers he hates Super cuts, he remembers routes to people's houses and miles away he knows where we are going. He is a little ball of miracle frustration this week.

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