Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our First Day of School....yes Our

This morning my alarm was set to go off at 6:15am to start the process that would be my sons first day of school.  My daughter had other plans, she decided 5:30am would be a better time to get up.  I remember what i hate so much about getting up early....the fact that its still dark out.  So up we got, put the boys stuff together, started making waffles and coffee.

Husband was passed out....he had just worked 2 weeks straight, sleeping between 5-2 hours a night to get this restaurant up and running....I let him sleep, dear God he needed it, he looks so beat.  Next to him was the little boy that crawled into my bed around 4am I'm guessing.....there he was mouth gaping wide, didn't fall asleep till 10:30.....this should be fun.  Husbands alarm goes off at 7, boy is pissed, he was trying to throw pillows over his head, not today buddy, sorry.  He ate his breakfast at a snails pace, thankfully I had laid out everything he needed for the day.

So we took some pictures (see that poor man looks so tired) and got ready to go to school.  I filled out the transportation forms late so of course I have to drive Frankie for the next week or so. He got to his class and he went right in....that was it.  Hung up his coat and that was that.  Where were the water works?  Where was the theatrical MAMAs!?!?   Well don't get me wrong, he tried to grab my hand, but his teacher Andrea said, no no, mommy is going home and you can stay and play.  Play he did, with some blocks.....and I went home.

I cleaned, it was awesome.  Went back to pick him up.  I was so nervous that maybe he did something crazy, or maybe he missed me an hour into school.  No such luck.  There he was with his backpack on ready to go home.  I was more excited I think.....he said "mama coming, mama coming".....His teacher said "I told you she was coming".  Andrea (his teacher), told me he ate a chicken sandwich (really?!?) had snack, played nice but proceeded to get whiny later in the afternoon since there is no napping. 

All and all it went well, I guess I miss him during the day, but i can get so much more stuff done honestly.  Very uneventful.  I wish I had more.....darn it.  Maybe in a few days :)

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