Thursday, September 22, 2011

School is making me feel out of control

So, I'm a control freak.  I wish I was a neat freak, but no, just a control freak.  I liked when I had Frankie getting services at home because I ALWAYS knew what was going on.  Don't get me wrong, I get tons of notes home and write back and forth  but I'm not there.

I guess I am lucky because I have heard many times about kids regressing when they start school or are placed in a program that doesn't fit them.  Well Frankie hasn't regressed.....he is kind of just staying the same.  I'm spoiled though, he gained so much in the first few months of  his ABA therapy that I just assume he will always proceed in leaps and bounds.  The reality is that, his progress was a blessing and now in reality progress is not always so fast, sometimes it is SLLLLOOOOWWWW.  He comes home and mentioned things here or there about school, but never to me.  He will just say "Jada and slide" so I figure he went to the playground which was confirmed in his communication notebook.

Today he starts ABA at home again with Kim.  He is only getting 2 hours a week, but....whatever its something.  I had to fight to get that, it was so bad they didn't even write it was behavioral therapy on the IEP.  The reasoning for that was so that administration wouldn't get mad....the games we have to play because of budget cuts.

On a side note we are on day 10 of Diflucan.  I am crazy and expected miracles EVEN when I was told it would take weeks.  SO, yes it will take weeks to see anything, if they gave him more medicine it would have made him sick, to kill of yeast that much would have made him sick and that's not what we are looking to do.  I will keep you updated :)

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  1. I can relate, I have to fight for any services through my state. Its ridiculous and frustrating. Hang in there, hope the medicine get to working soon.