Monday, September 12, 2011

My Future Thank You's

I have both read the book the Secret and seen the movie.  Being a Christian I don't usually buy into too much New Age stuff, but this is different.  The law of attraction, is basically one thing.....Prayer.  When you Pray, you are suppose to have faith that God will answer your prayers...then in turn they happen.  So the secret is basically you ask for something and believe you will get sounds like the same thing to me!  So we are suppose to Thank God (or the universe, which again is the same thing to me) for the things you want as if you have them already.  So here I go, I'm throwing all my Thank Yous out there.  I suppose as you all read it you will be prayer for us as well.  So Thank you!


Thank you for recovering Frankie out of Autism
Thank you for recovering my fellow Autism Mommies children
Thank you for giving me enormous amounts of Patience and Wisdom
Thank you for keeping my family in one piece even when we felt we would break
Thank you for giving us the ability to pay for different therapy's to help our son
Thank you for our school district and their ability to give us the services we want
Thank you for extended family and their support and understanding
Thank you for our wonderful friends and for their support and understanding
Thank you for blessing us with the ability to go out in public and not cause a scene
Thank you for my children
Thank you for our good health
Thank you for my weight loss
Thank you for Tommy and Lisa's new baby
Thank you for Jeanine and Johns new life together
Thank you for giving us great financial planning skills
Thank you for Franks stable job
Thank you for Franks promotion
Thank you for Franks 6 figure salary....yes Thank you for his SIX figure salary
Thank you for Our Very Own House
Thank you for Home Ownership
Thank you for My New Ford Explorer
Thank you for giving me the gifts to make money for our family as an added income
Thank you for my book
Thank you for letting it finally be our turn
Thank you for never letting us go hungry again
Thank you for giving me the ability to help those less fortunate then us
Thank you for giving me the outlet to help other parents dealing with Autism
Thank you for never letting us lose faith
Thank you for giving your son for our sins
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU God for all that you have done in our lives and continue to do.

And there you have it.  I'm saying Thank you For all the things I soon will have ;)

If you have never seen the Secret, go rent it.  God has ALWAYS answered our prayers in one way or another, it may have not been the way I wanted, but I got what I needed. 

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