Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Hello Yeast Death

So Day one came and went.....with only a few wonky issues.  On the night of September 12th I gave Frankie the first dose of Diflucan......and waited.  I know that there are side effects of yeast death, those being headache, stomach ache, constipation, low grade fever and behaviors being amplified.

Well, our behavior amplification came in the form of irrational crying and having a HUGE tantrum leaving school.  That Tantrum was worse then anything I had ever seen.  That was day two i saw is day 3.  This by the way is a very slow yeast kill off, he is still getting food with yeast, its just the diflucan doing the majority of the work right now.

Tomorrow we will be going for the enormous blood draw.......I'm not a fan, I'm very anxious honestly

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