Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Book

Today while I was driving and dealing with a major headache I had an epiphany.

A long long time ago I went to see a Psychic Medium.  I went with a friend who dragged me out because my husband and I had broken up.  I go to see this woman who looks at me and tells me all kinds of stuff that seem to be true about myself.......shes probably just guessing I say.  She then proceeds to tell me to not let my boyfriend (now husband) go and that some chick with a name starting with a "B" would try and get herself into my boyfriends arms.  She then told me, I would never become a restaurant manager because I would have to leave my job.....because I would get pregnant (remember my husband was my manager at the time)....husband would eventually leave also.  We would go on to have 5 kids....I told her in no way would I want 5 kids, 4 max.....She laughs, yea that's what you will say, and when you try for #4 later in life and get twins, you end up with 5 kids.  Forget managing, you will write a book she says.  Things will be hard for a while, but you will be ok.  Go on, get your husband, it will all work out one day.

I walked away from the quack thinking, I will never have 5 kids, and Frank can kiss my ass.  I went on with my life until I found out my co-worker "B" asked Frank to go to the have got to be shitting me.  Needless to say we were back together a week later........and about a year and change after that I found myself pregnant with Frankie and was put on bed rest, never to go back to work again, Husband soon after left as well.  And Life has been hard ever since.

So the Idea of writing a book seemed stupid to me because in reality, I don't like fiction and I never had much to write about.  That is until today.  Because while there are tons of book about Autism, all seem very medical to me.  There is no book that I feel like I could hand to my parents and say here you is how to handle my sons Autism from a Grandparent point of view.

I started writing today while kids are napping........I am going to need some help from my fans though.  If you fall into any of the categories below please email me at:

Please leave your name, email and state you are located

-If you are a Grandparent and you would like to contribute how you felt when your grandchild was diagnosed

-Grandparent who has certain questions you feel bad asking your child about your grandchild

-Parents of Autistic children, how did your parents react to diagnosis

-Parents, what would you like the grandparents to know, that can better help or support you

-for both, just stories about your special grandparent -grandchild relationship. 

Thank you so much for your time guys.  I still think Psychics are quaky though.......that is unless she said i would be a billionaire......I am not having 5 kids!

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