Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just when you think it's not working.....

Your kid does something to give you that glimmer of hope. We are 2 weeks and 2 days into Diflucan, I had heard around 2 weeks you can start seeing a difference. So when Monday rolled around and the boy was having issues at school I was some what discouraged. Listen, I'm not putting all my hope into this, because I don't want to be disappointed, but I would like to see something.

So today comes, like any other morning.....except our bus was 25 minutes late. While waiting Frankie saw Keri who was Frankies team leader during E.I., she works with another child 3 houses down. We never see her, well we see her awesome Mercury Sable ( haha), but that child's bus usually comes after ours. Frankie was so happy to see her, he tried to pul her toward our house, but then the bus came, along with the tears. I knew he would miss the girls, but that was a little heart breaking. Off to school the boy went.....and 7 hours later he returned.

He was tired, but he had a great day at school! He ate lunch and apple pie! He went pee pee on the potty 2 times! Then at home he played nicely with his sister and actually ate dinner. The thing that surprised me and made me super excited was his language use tonight! My mom showed him a cake that is for Lia's birthday and an extra she bought. She tells Frankie, "this cake is for lia" and he points to the other cake and says " and this cake is for Frankie?". So appropriate!!! Then I picked him up and he said " you put me down" and when I ignored he said it again! Lastly we watched Diego before bed and he was answering back to the tv. " is this a sloth?"......" no, no, no that is not a sloth, that a monkey!!".

The last hour of the day was fantastic, these are great things!

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