Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Incredible Hulk...aka Frankie

Well today was day One on the bus.....a little sad at first, but things went fantastically.  You have no idea....ok maybe you do.....how great it feels to not have to rush out of the house with 2 kids to get to school.  I stroll outside in an ugly sweater and glasses with a baby in a poopy onesie and wave bye bye!  I guess my only issue with the bus is I feel he is gone for so much longer.  My biggest issue with school is that i dont feel like i get to spend much time with the little guy anymore.  Right now he is dancing around some piggie banks and talking about Thomas...he is the best.

Now my blog title is referring to my son and his ability to Hulk up at a moments notice.....sigh.  Today my calves and biceps are burning, not from working out, but from holding a 3 year old while he was having blood drawn.  We ended up finding a lab closer that had more then one person on staff....actually when I got there, there was 2 and they called a friend from the Dr office next door to help.  Well long story short we got 3/4 of the blood we needed.  I literally could not hold him anymore, sweat poured from my face as he fought so hard his arms started to turn purple.  We will have to go back but at least i know they are very nice at the Bethpage lab.  I am still amazed though at the strength in this 3 year olds body.  I had my legs wrapped around his, my arms across one arm and chest, another woman holding his arm, another one taking blood and the last one passing her the tubes.....a 4 person job on a 37 lb boy with super strength!

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