Monday, August 1, 2011

Heart burn is gone......

Yesterday I didn't mean to sound grumpy or down.  The article I sited made me sad.  Upon thinking about it, it wasn't so much about my son maybe never being recovered, but more about feeling sad that any of us have to go through this.  While I think Autism Awareness is up from the past, it still feels like a silent struggle.  If we moms say its the vaccines people call us crazy, if its the environment we are crazy, suggest any alternative treatment your end up feeling crazy.

I am suppose to believe this is all genetic, I'm suppose to believe I didn't see anything happen to my son.  When I talk about it to tell other parents to be careful, they smile and nod and say things like "didn't you hear they discredited that doctor who said it was the vaccines".  Ugh yes, but then when  child is diagnosed, I am getting the emails and the calls, they then tell me they saw it too.

So truth is, I will love my son no matter what.  He could grow up to be a world class scientist or he can stay three forever.  Forever I will fight for him, forever I will love him and I will do anything for him.  I am happy for the opportunities we have and the strides he has made.  I just wish so many of us didn't have to go through this, I wish there would be some answers.  Answers won't fix my son, but it will give me closure and the answer on what to do differently for my future children.

I love my boy, I do I do I do

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