Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our trip to the MRI

 Monday we had our MRI.  The boys appointment was at 9:15am about 45 minutes away from our house.  If you don't know, I am not much of a morning person.  So up I woke and dragged my little, starving child out of the house and out to Stony Brook University Hospital.  They were really great with getting us settled, and getting Frankie comfortable.  We first met Caitlin, who was the child counselor person, she answered questions and played With the Ipad with us.  Caitlin also gave Frankie a practice mask so he could try to put it on before the MRI to get use to it....i told him it was for Firemen, he was thrilled.  Honestly, he could not have done better.  He waled into the MRI room itself and told me he saw a BIG "O" (the MRI machine).  He even sat on the table near the "O" without crying.  It wasn't until we made him lay down that he started to get upset, and then the mask to sedate him....oh man.  When your child has a mask on you can not hear them scream.....but you can see them scream, you see them scream through the clear plastic and you see it in their eyes.  I didn't realize how sad it was to watch that.....and as quick as it starts, your child's screaming fades away as they go limp.....its not a pretty thing.  

I went for a walk for 45 minutes, got a coffee, got him a stuffed dinosaur.....he has been really into those lately.  When I got into the recovery, there lay my little boy, so peaceful and so cute. 

They did his vitals while he slept and after about 20 minutes I decided I should wake the kid up.  In reality, if I had left him he could have slept for hours.  He woke up and tried to pull the IV out as well as the Pulse-Ox taped to his finger.   The nurse took out the IV and then Avery (our nurse) asked Frankie what kind of Band aid he wanted....Toy Story or Penguins....to which my son says in a slurred voice "Pandas".  Sooooo we gave him Penguins, since they are also Black and white haha.  Eventually he stopped whining and ate some cookies and juice and once he was all checked out, it was time to go home!

He looks thrilled doesn't he?  Well, Avery wheeled us out, and Frankie loved the ride.  When it was time to walk to the car she was hopping so I knew he meds had defiantly worn off.  I have to say the most exciting thing was later that night I asked him to lay down so I could change his diaper and he says "Mama I laid down and take a nap int he O"....I burst out laughing, yea he did take a nap in an "O"  I tried to get him to elaborate but he really only talks on his terms.  He told my mother that they "put a mask on the nose and go in the O, with a mask on the nose, the doctor on the nose".  His language is so funny, I love it!  So the whole experience was not as horrible as I had expected......lets hope the EEG goes as well on Friday!

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