Monday, August 29, 2011

I'll take Overwhelmed for $1,000 Alex

"This woman Hasn't finished school paperwork,  has Early intervention ending in two days, has a daughter with 102 fever for 2 days,  Drove 45 minutes each way 2x last week to go to a Neurologist and is completely overwhelmed "......."WHO IS The Neurotypical Mom"!

I've been meaning to write and then something comes up.  I have a huge issue with being easily overwhelmed.  When too many things are on my plate, I literally freeze up and do nothing.  I need to bring in the paperwork for Frankie's school tomorrow, but being in the process of changing doctors has left me confused on who to get to fill out the physical form.  New Dr wont see him till the 12th, I cant find the stupid transportation paper work....I have a headache.   Speaking of headaches, I have had one for 3 days.  I thought maybe it was the hurricane, all the pressure in the air, all the news media making me INSANE.  They freaked us out, our grocery store shelves were empty, we all freaked.  Now granted the ocean broke the boardwalk and there are people who are still out of power and will not get it back till Friday the one died and our homes are still here.

Lia had a fever all day yesterday, which spiked to 102.5 around 6pm.  Ran to Dr today who said it wasn't ears or strep but her throat is it continues to hover around 102 every time the Motrin wears off.  If in 2 days its still here I have to go back.

EEG went well, separate blog on that, I promise.  My baby starts school in a week and a day.  I'm trying to hold back tears.  This is not fair, I am not ready, I think I might have to be sad for a little.  My emotions are all over the place :(

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