Friday, August 19, 2011

He Makes Up For It in Cuteness

Today in the process of chastising my child I had to hold back from bursting out into laughter!

Today he had been on pretty good behavior. When we went out he did run around the store like a maniac but, I didn't care much since it was a children's consignment store littered with toys and other maniac kids haha. He was such a little gentleman, he opened the door for me, closed the car doors, just too cute!

My pet peeve lately has been him taking his seat belt off. See I have a large 3 year old who does not comfortably fit into a car seat. At the point he is in s booster which he its in weight, height and age......except he keeps putting the shoulder let behind his head. On the way to grandmas he pulled this stunt which led to me stopping the car on a side street. I turned around and put on my exaggerated mad face and told him I was upset and he need to wear his seat belt to keep him safe. Then I do the whole " why do we wear seat belts?" to which he replies " it keeps you safe". Why I decided to try and keep rationalizing with him I don't know but I told him that with no seat belt he can get a big boo boo and end up at the hospital. ..........

With that comment the tears stopped and he looked at me with HUGE wide eyes( please bare with me but this is exactly how my son talks haha) and said " Mama Avi tricycle hospital......duka guhduwa bones boo boo Avi endica wadda hospital, big boo boo Avi tricycle in duh hospital en duh anduhbus". He went on about the hospital for about a half hour as I tried not to laugh. He was telling me about an episode of bubble guppies where Avi ( a fish) falls off of his tricycle, breaks his tail bone and has to go to the hospital in an ambulance. He kills me when he talks, he is hysterical. Granted this is new that I can actually understand most of what he is talking about. He use to go on and on in jargon and I couldn't even catch one word. I almost cried and laughed at the same time, when I was trying to still be angry. The idea that he put together that getting hurt in the car and going to the hospital was the same as when Avi went to the hospital was amazing. I know they have always said he has had processing issues, this is just great. Today was a great day!

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