Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beer Cures Stress Headaches Right?

That or eating this many cupcakes.....right, that should work?  I have had an on and off headache for almost a week.  I take Advil and Im good for a while, then it comes back.  Its not an horrific pain, its just annoying.  I usually get ice pick headaches....its quick pain that comes fast and goes away fast, its a type of migraine and being that my mother gets them, I dont think much about it.  

These last 2 weeks and next week also, have been very stressful.  Last week I had Frankie at Stony Brook for the MRI on Monday and then back out for EEG on Friday.  Both trips involved 45 min drives both ways, leaving Lia home and having parents take off from work.  Last week husband also started training his new staff at his new job.  He has been away for 10 days, off for one and then Last Monday started aggressive is now Wednesday and his first day off is tomorrow. 

This week we did our "see you laters to our therapists".  To think In February, I was so pissed about having people in my house 15+ hours a week and now I'm crying about them not being here.  Now I have all this time, and i have to fill it.....maybe I will go to the zoo.  

Next week, the boy starts school.  I know I will take it worse then him, that's just a fact.  Endless paper work has overwhelmed me, this is why I was a crappy Legal Secretary.  I sign my name on a million things, and I'm not really sure what I am signing.  Medicaid? Sure, confidentiality ok!  release of files Great....wait what?  

Hopefully in the next few weeks the head pains will go away.  *Sigh*......when did My baby grow up?

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