Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why do I bother?

The question can be posed to many situations.....but I want to know, why do I even bother to clean.  ON Sunday, my husband and I decided to Bleach the house.....ok that's not true, I bleached floors and the bathroom as he did dishes and organized random stuff.  Now I don't use Bleach, I use natural cleaners......but they just weren't cutting it in regards to a deep clean.  So against my "only use natural code" I bought Clorox Clean up..... My bathroom has never looked cleaner.

Here I am four days later and the only thing that is still clean is the bathroom.....and that's only because the kids don't really use it.  Everyday, I sweep up a mountain of food off of my kitchen floor, vacuum a half canister of dirt and garbage off the rug and put away 20 million small pieced toys that my kids got as Gifts.  Sometimes, this happens more than once a day.....actually 3 times a day?   I hate to give up on cleaning, but seriously....these kids are messy

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