Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Howdy!  I am Frankie and I have no idea what they are about to do to me. 

On Friday, my son and I ventured out to Stony Brook to have our EEG.  It seems that my son has become more use to doctors and could care less now if they touch him.  SO here he was all smiles on the table, he must have been thinking I would buy him another Dinosaur....yea no.  He did lay down and let the lady put on about 3 electrode things on his head.....but then he got curious.  SO unfortunately we did have to swaddle him.  Swaddling a 3 year old the size of a 5 year old with HULK strength is no easy task.  

They finished up and we laid in the dark and little man fell asleep to my fantastic singing voice (actually I sound like a frog but he likes it).  I laid with him for an hour, and felt his little body twitch the entire time.  Now, this test was to look for seizures in his sleep.   I'm not sure how a seizure presents itself in sleep, but literally he twitched on and off the whole time.  Later the Tech put a strode light in front of his eyes as he was sleeping.....and more twitching, bigger twitches.  She told me the twitching could be  normal and it could be nothing, but she doesn't know.  So I should find out soon what that was all about.  

This is what a kid that has been woken up form their nap, and had electrodes slathered in Vaseline just pulled out of his hair looks like.......


  1. Oh sweetie, I share your pain! Good luck with the results. I have a pic of my girl during her EEG, but it's on my FB page.

  2. I wanted to get a pic with him having the electrodes on, but he was too angry! He looks so beat up by the end, he put up a huge fight while they put them on. So sad