Friday, August 19, 2011

Our True Identity

With that title, I feel like we are a family of Super a way, maybe we are. I kept names secret because I was keeping this blog a secret for a time. I wasn't sure how family would respond, or if I ever wanted to share it with them. It wasn't that I don't want to share my story with them, it's more that I am a Control Freak. That sounds odd coming from the most unorganized, whatever attitude person, but I do not like to let people know we are struggling. I am controlling and a perfectionist, I didnt not finish college because I was stupid, I didn't finish because I knew I couldn't be perfect.....if i had a c, I withdrew. I don't ask form help, I hate it more then anything, it's just how I am.

So since everyone now knows, I let my guard down, I suppose I can let you know who I am. I am Danielle.....I am 27, I went to college for nursing and dropped out. I rather craft all day then ever go back to school. I make bridal and baby shower gifts and other things through my small business "Lia Couture". My husbands name is Frank, he works for Hurricane Grill and Wings as of 2 weeks ago. We have two fantastic children, Frankie who is my LP and Lia Cecilia who is the most opinionated 11 month old I have ever met. We live in Massapequa Park and hope to some day buy a home here......someday. We are Christians, and regardless of what you believe, I pray for each one of myreaders every night.

It was nice to meet you! Now that I have us out, I may just have to call LP dear sweet little Frankie. Thank you all for your continued support, much love!

<3 Danielle, the NT mom

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  1. I think you are doing a great job Danielle. Before any of us can ever go forward in anything we have to truly process what it is we are facing. Some face challenges openly with other, others alone and there is nothing wrong with either one. I face them alone until I can fully understand what it is I am dealing with. My grandsons are both autistic so I understand some of the challenges, array of emotions, the joys that a simple smile can bring to the fears that creep in at times, from my daughter's world. Danielle I am also a christian and every night when I finish reading your blog I pray specifically for you and your husband Frank. God is with you and He is and will continue to guide you through each day as you give it to Him. I think your doing a great job processing all that your dealing with and look forward to more of your blogs. God Bless Danielle Your a great mom who is so in love with your babies..