Monday, August 1, 2011

Today Left Me With Heart Burn....*sigh*

Its 1am,  I have Heartburn and worry.  I read an article, it made me sad.  Today was rough.   I think i just wrote 3 fragment sentences........haha!  LP stayed at Grandmas last night and we met him at Church.  I brought him to Sunday school like I have for the last month, I sit with him and help him transition from activities.  Some days he whines others he gets angry, today he punched me and kicked me.  It hurts to write that.  

I never have to make him leave the room, but today was horrible.  Today was one of those times I felt I wanted to hide in a corner because people saw my son hit me in the face.  I can say he was all off schedule and had not taken his morning vitamin/supplement mix.....I hope that is what it was.  He has been doing so well, so to see him go back so far hurts, physically it hurts.  I just wanted to leave Church, I really did.  Sometimes I wonder if letting him stay over night at his grandparents is the cause.  They are awesome grandparents, that do the special things grandparents are suppose to do, they take him places and spoil him all day and its great!  My problem is that the minute I re-introduce the structure he looses his mind.  I feel like I would be taking their fun away to make them be so hard on him like I am.  Grandparents should be grandparents and be fun, not be stinky and stern like me.  

I'm sure the rest of the week will be fine, I get discouraged.  Especially reading an article like the link above.  You can work so hard in vain to "cure" your kid and it doesn't always work.  It was a downer, I read it and wanted to think she must not have worked that hard. Truth is, she probably worked SUPER hard, but I guess its true, sometimes you just have to accept your child will not grow up.  I try not to think like that about my son at this point.  I can only assume if my husband grew up to be a functioning adult my son can too.......then again my son has been exposed to other enviromental factors my husband didn't.  

Monday therapists are back, by Wednesday he will be back to himself. 


  1. Sorry for the tough day. I read the article you posted, and although some what of a downer, I think the big message you need to take away from it is "Don't get so much caught up in curing your child that you forget to enjoy them."

    And what they will or won't become in life is all a matter of perspective. I would rather my Gav grow into a moderately independent man, who loves his family, and enjoys and cherishes "the little things". Than a successful independent business man, who loves money, cheats on his wife, and has lost contact with his mother and father.

    Who knows what they will become, just do your best to make sure it is what makes them happy. All the hours of therapy in the world cannot guarantee that. But I think a mom can come pretty close!

    Love LP, and love the strong, beautiful, loving woman (and mom) he has made you!


  2. You are right! I was a little down with the bad behavior going on. I guess it makes you feel bad when you try do hard and to watch a kid regress.

    I will love my son whether he grows up to be a brilliant scientist or if he stays 3 forever. He is my son and I love him the most.