Thursday, August 18, 2011

Behavioral Regression Anyone?

Today was a mixed day. I will start with the good! LP has become less echolalic I have noticed. For a very long time he didn't answer, he just copied what you said. My dad stopped by and was drawing pictures for LP. Grandpa was making elephant noises and LP said " your funny Grandpa Joe!". Sooooo Appropriate!!! He has been saying funny things lately, like on Monday his teacher wore her hair curly like my sister in law does.....LP pointed at her and said " You look like Aunt Lisa!!". We are working on tons of emotions, but he still thinks it's funny when mama is mad. I try to make a mad face when I'm super pissed......he just laughs.

Now the bad.....ok not bad just inconvenient.

We went school shopping at Kohls......and like a typical 3 year old, my son learned to hide in clothes racks. The issue is my son does not understand to come back, nor does he care when you do that whole " I'm leaving you here, bye". He just screams back " bye mama". Out of the stroller he was running away, in the stroller he was hurting his sister. He just laughs when she cries, he hits her in the head, pulls on her's endless. I managed with many looks and nervous smiles, at one point I even blurted out he is autistic to a stranger because I wanted her to feel bad for me. That's so lame, but we were on line and again he was kicking his sister, the lady didn't even say anything, but I had to say something. Next stop.....supermarket. He has been doing so much better, but not today. I asked him if he wanted to push the cart or sit."..he picked push, fantastic. We go to produce and pick out what we need.....and again he flips out in the freezer section. He had a sweater, he wasn't cold!!! He runs away, he ran away again in the store, if I put him in the cart he tries to jump out, he ran head first into a ladies cart.....craaaappp. People say to leave him home, but I want to expose him to as much normal things as possible, but I find myself getting aggravated. I have been a hermit for months, and I'm trying to be brave and venture out and do typical things, but its so much work.

The hardest thing is the nervous looks. Today I felt the women were better, some older men looked annoyed. I younger guy laughed and told LP he was awesome as he dumped a bag of grapes all over the dairy aisle.....I ran ay from that spill haha. I was in a mode that I wanted someone to say something so I could yell at them. His active level is off the charts and I just have no idea how to lower it.

He really is the sweetest boy, I feel horible when I am so frustrated. My mother in law once wished upon my husband that our child would be like him if not worse as a child......her wish came true. We are in such a regressive behavioral rut that it's painful.....he now can talk, but he won't listen.

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  1. we used to have a hard time at the supermarket too , but we kept going now hes 10 its a breeze he pushes the trolley and is a great help , chin up it will get easier :)