Sunday, July 31, 2011

The NT Moms Super Silly Birthday!

So Yesterday I turned 21 + 6.......ok 27.  They say if something traumatising happens to you at a certain age you mentally stay that age forever....I don't 100% buy that but, I do still feel 19.  So its either somewhat true or a coincidence that s*it hit the fan at 19 and that's the age I feel.  Since the birth of LP I forget my birthday, and fail to feel as i got any older.  To be honest I don't think I was ever 24!  I had my son and 2 weeks later I turned 24.....I don't know where that year went.  Its as though birthdays become unimportant as you age and have children.  Maybe  its just me, but its not that I resent birthdays because I don't want to get old, I just don't really care.  Every year everyone asks me what i want and every year I say nothing.  Honestly, I want world peace and a stable economy.  That's sounds silly  and sarcastic but I'm serious, that would be awesome, If I could give my gifts to someone who needed them more, i would be happy. 

Yesterday had to be the most jam packed adventurous day i ever had with the kids, or ever had on my birthday.  First stop, the Beach.  Husband had run a half marathon that morning and had to go to work so I spent most of the day with the kids.  We headed to Long Beach to see Grandpa Joe and Mima and spend the morning at the beach.  This was Baby Divas first time at the beach and LP's 4th.  Last year he was scared of the sand, he wouldn't touch it and he wouldn't go near the ocean, he had never been in the ocean.  Well have times change. I regret not bringing my camera!  He had watched a bunch of shows about going to the beach, so he sad there and dug in the sand singing songs about building sand castles.  Then later we got him in the ocean.....and as i predicted, it was difficult getting him out, or getting him to understand that HE CAN NOT SWIM!  The child has no fear with the water suddenly this summer.....which would be nice if he realized he cant swim.  He wants us to let go and he wants to try to swim to the other person...being a former swim instructor this is half the battle you have with the kids.  But the difference is that mine doesn't understand to close his mouth!  When I taught kids, they closed their mouths, they understood the cause and effect....LP does not.  He comes up coughing and almost vomiting......all with a HUGE smile on his face :). 

Next stop BBQ.......once again more bodies of water and I ended up having to go in the pool.  He loves the pool, end of story.  There was dog at the BBQ and for the first time he sat there and pet the dog instead of hitting it in the face(he does that to our dogs).  He sat and pet him and tried to feed him grass.  He wasn't understanding why the dog wouldn't want to eat grass.....this kids too funny.

Last stop to see husband at work.  It was Karaoke night at the Chili Grill so husbands fam was all there so we had some food, some cake.  Hubs sang a song to me, he's cute, it was a little embarrassing but that's ok, it was great.  LP did great all night......except he fell off of his new scooter and split his lip open.  Well, we did great except for the lip thing.....not that he didn't just get back on after he was done.  He really needs to work on his coordination :(  He will get there!  Great day, good times :)

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  1. Haha. My little guy is the EXACT same in the water. He LOVES the pool, and is impossible to hold onto. He tries so hard to get out of our arms. And even if he gets loose and goes under for a second, he comes up spitting, coughing, and grinning from ear to ear. He just loves it!

    Happy Birthday! Glad you enjoyed your day!