Monday, November 14, 2011

Beautiful Words

Before Frankie was Diagnosed or uttered a word I always got the same comment.  "One day he will start talking and you will never get him to shut up.  You will long for the days when he didn't talk"  You have no idea how many times I heard that.  I remember being pregnant and overly hormonal crying, thinking I would never know what my son sounded like unless it was in nonsense Jargon, grunts or screaming. 

I wrote emails to people asking what I was suppose to do, where I was suppose to go since at that point I had abandoned out pediatrician, who was still on the wait and see bandwagon.  Most never got back because I was contacting the wrong people.  I remember being 8 months pregnant, sitting in the dark, convinced my son had Autism and it meant no future.

I had no Idea of the ins and outs of Autism.  I knew what I read on Web MD, what the doctors said that vaccines didn't cause it etc. etc.  So I kept getting him vaccinated and in January I finally had the evaluation done.  He knew how to say "Ready, Set, GO".....that was it. 

I'm thankful for the psychologist because he did let us down easy, and did give us hope. He really wasn't one of those types that coldly said Autism and walked out of the room to leave you like you just got punched in the stomach.  I think because of him I wasn't as depressed as I could have been.

After about 3 months of intense therapy, Frankie started one word comments, sometimes even 2.  In recent weeks he has started strings of sentences.  Today he said "I see Andrea, I go to school?"  to which I sadly had to say, "No we have to go to the Dr.".  We pulled up to the office and he said " mama that is Dr. Jassey office" 

He is amazing, and I love hearing his beautiful words!  Even when they are used improperly.    I cant help it, I love to hear him.  Granted its only been a few months, but I could hear him say Lia, Lia, Lia, Lia Lia.....all day and not care.  He can repeat the same question over and over or tell me his " feets is broken" when his shoe fell off for wouldn't matter.

I start thinking the non stop talking may eventually get to me.   But then I just have to bring myself back to that place when I thought he would never utter a word and I remember I am blessed that he can annoy me.

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  1. I love it! Sometimes I'll catch myself thinking, "I wish she would just be quiet for a minute." And then I tell myself, "NO!" We worked so hard to get her talking, and I'm so very grateful she is!