Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Seeing differences

I think one of the oddest things for parents of children on the spectrum who have typical children also, is seeing the difference.  Here is one difference I noted about 5 minutes ago.  My son after about 10 or 11 months had no real interest in toys or any attachment to them. 

My daughter is attached to her "baby" and needs to sleep with "purple puppy".  She cuddle her toys and plays with them appropriately.  My son on the other hand would have rather stacked cans and line up trains.  He once loved his "puppy"  loved it so much I paid $20 on eBay to get an identical one just in case.  Then one day, along with other skills, he lost his love for "puppy".  Puppy and his twin were packed away as he enjoyed lining his trains up much more then playing with anything else. 

Well, puppy has found a new home in a new crib.  On a happy note, the boy plays much more appropriately now.  though puppy has been passed along, he now sleeps with a much more grow up stuffed animal...."Dino" LoL

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