Saturday, November 26, 2011

I hate Schedules....I need a Schedule ahhhhh

What a conflict of interest.  I hate Schedules because I feel rushed, organization makes me feel good and anxious all at the same time.  Then days like today make it more apparent how much I might need a schedule.

Its seems lately that if even one thing is off, I can throw off an entire day...Like I will today.  At 9am I said I will get the kids ready and head to the store.  Then 9:15 rolled around and one was dressed, the other half dressed and me, well I was half dressed too.  Then I left Diego on so I could get fully dressed and then began to talk to my mother.  9:30 rolled around and now Diego #2 is on and kids are attached.  While Diego #2 is on and I am trying to get dressed, baby girl is rubbing the eyes which can only mean she needs to nap.  If I put her down for a nap I will be home for another 2 hours....if I don't put her down she will A. fall asleep in the car and freak out when I take her out or B. be in a horrible mood.  I need the stuff from the store to do what I had planned today so if I wait 2 hours I will be walking around aimlessly for 2 hours.

This would have all been ok if i just got out by 9 like I wanted to.  I feel like this is that Story "If you give a Mouse  Cookie".

If you don't follow your schedule, your kid will get hooked into Diego, if your kid gets hooked into Diego and you turn it off he will have a melt down, if he has a melt down you will have to ignore him, if you ignore him he will upset his sister, if he upsets his sister you will have 2 screaming children, if you have two screaming children you will get a headache and if you get a head ache you will never get to the store anyway....

I'm playing it by ear.....

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  1. I hope things are going well..I don't have children yet but I can only imagine how much more important a schedule will be when I do.