Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thoughless Thursday #1

How Negative, I know, but I suppose I can make light or dare I say Joke about the BS I hear from strangers and sometimes even people I know.  So here it is, The First Thoughtless Thursday Comment

"Did you Ever think of trying Time-Out"

Really?  No I NEVER thought of that one.  I must have been living under a rock the last few years. Super Nanny?  Who's that?  What a novel idea, put the kid in a chair and isolate him and all my prayers will be answered.   

Yes, I tried it.  No matter how many times we sat in time out, the behavior occurred again.  He never got it, it never clicked that Time out was bad.  If he hates time out, he could just slam his head against the step he was sitting on......repeatedly.  Now he LIKES time out.  He sits there and smiles.  

Thank you for the Pearls of Wisdom stranger!

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